Keeping Your Small Business Open Through the Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for businesses, particularly small businesses. Extra costs, lower foot traffic and other complications can really damage your bottom line. Here are a few things to plan for if you’re trying to stay open through the cold season.

Make Your Business Accessible

You need to be accessible, both to your customers and your employees. That might mean looking into a sidewalk clearing service or deicing parking lots Washington or your area. Keep informed about snowplow routes and stay aware of whose responsibility the sidewalks are. There’s simply no point being open if your customers and employees can’t get to you, so be realistic about whether the cost of being open that day outweighs the benefits.

Prepare for Extra Costs

Winter is expensive. Clearing the parking lots and sidewalks costs money, keeping the building heated costs money and there is always the chance of other unexpected expenses like burst pipes from freezing temperatures and broken gutters caused by ice dams. Your rainy day fund may in fact be a winter weather fund.

Bring People In

Extra costs aside, business often slows in the in certain seasons. Unless you are in the business of snow removal, January and February can be extremely slow months for many small businesses, particularly in the retail sector. You may have to get creative to bring people in with sales and special offers. Whatever you can do to get customers and clients in the door will help.

Small businesses do not have the resources and advantages that larger corporations enjoy, and that makes them vulnerable. But with the right preparations and enough forethought, your small business can easily weather winter storms and seasonal fluctuations alike. Just remember to be accessible, prepared for the extra expense, and have a plan to bring people in.

Running a business comes with many responsibilities, such as overseeing sales and production, managing employees and budgeting. One of your most critical tasks is keeping track of your finances. Follow these tips to make sure that you can complete your taxes and other financial processes smoothly and correctly.

Get Professional Help

If you do not have an in-house accountant and you have space in your budget, you should hire one immediately. Accountants can look through your records and projections and help you find a way out of debt if necessary. You also could contract independent QuickBooks training professionals to help you better understand your finances.

Don’t Throw Away Your Records

It’s tempting to recycle your tax returns and business records once tax season is over. However, you should never get rid of these forms. If they are taking up too much space, scan and store them in a secure online location, and then recycle the physical copies. You never know when you will be audited or when you will need to review your data from a few years ago. Have a filing system in place so that when you need to find a document, you can do so easily.

Log All Transactions

Every time that you pay someone or receive money, record the transaction. If the money is exchanged electronically, your bank will automatically generate a statement. You should still keep a separate list of all transactions so that you know where all of your money came from. This practice allows you to doublecheck all bank statements, so if something seems suspicious about your finances, you have an independent list with which to verify the statement.

Don’t let your financial records become messy and confusing. With the help of trained professionals, understand your finances and find a record-keeping method that fits your managerial style.

Cleaning the Playroom

Take a long look around your kids’ playroom. Now take another look. If you’re seeing things like fingerprints all over the walls, stains on upholstery and other nasty surprises, it’s probably time to get busy giving it a deep clean. Roll up your sleeves and get those janitorial cleaning rags ready; it’s going to be a long day.

Clean Toys

First things first: Get the things that they play with the most often washed and sanitized. Toss all soft things like blankets and stuffed animals into the washing machine, but use your dishwasher to disinfect the hard toys. Include your kids in this part; young kids love to help, so fill up a small basin with warm, soapy water and have them give their toys a bath and scrub-down. Don’t forget to spritz all hand-washed toys with a bleach solution and let them air dry to ensure they’re sanitized.

Wipe Down Walls

It’s no picnic to clean walls, but an easy way is to simply mop them. Attach a microfiber cloth to your flat-headed mop and, along with a bucket of hot, soapy water, start cleaning. You’ll be amazed at how bright and clear the walls look without the fingerprints, smudges and dust that collects on them without your noticing.

Sanitize Things That Are Touched Often

Clorox wipes are an amazing thing. Using a couple, go through the room and wipe down anything that lots of hands touch including:

  • Light switches
  • Doorknobs
  • Remotes and gaming controllers

Kids are awesome and magical, but they are also walking and breathing Petri dishes. Make the place that they spend the most time one that’s clean and fresh to prevent the spread of illness and disease — and to also reclaim a part of your home that you’re tired of seeing look like a wreck!

How to Find a Local Deliver Service

Most businesses need to move things from one place to another, whether that is a load of baked goods to a store, cases of wine to a restaurant or a truckload of furniture for staging a location. How do you find delivery companies that handle local loads for trucks?

  • First, you need to decide what you need to move because that will help narrow the search. Some companies limit their services to certain things. Be upfront about special circumstances such as heavy or bulky objects.
  • Next, decide when your order needs to be there. Is this a same-day job or can you schedule it out for a few days or a week?
  • Cost is the next factor to consider. Of course, rush jobs are always more expensive, so the longer lead time you have, the better. Get estimates from several companies so you can make a comparison. Price is important, but it isn’t the most crucial thing to consider.
  • Security is another concern when contracting with a delivery company. You don’t necessarily want to hire the cheapest company if they are going to lose your load. This is where customer reviews can be very helpful.
  • You want your goods delivered on time, so reliability is another consideration. Your professional reputation is on the line, so you want to pick a company that gets your items there when they need to be and in good condition. Read the reviews on the company website and on Angie’s List to check this out. A bit of research can save you a lot of headaches.
  • Do they provide tracking services? That should be easy to do in this age of the smartphone.

By doing a bit of research and asking the right questions, you can find a local delivery company to move your goods. Whatever you need to move, there is a company that can do that.

History of Essay Writing Services

It is common for college students to be required to write essays. These students are required to write essays on different topics and aspects within a particular class. Instructors assigning these essays focus on testing different skills attainment such as research, analysis as well as comprehension of various concepts taught in a particular course. The students need to think critically about the assigned essay and have the focus and time to complete the essay successfully. However, due to the time, attention and other resources constraints, these students may not be able to complete the essay effectively, hence the need for online essay writing service reddit.

Historical Background

While the concept of essay writing services dates back to the 1950s, it was not until the 1990s when the first online essay writing services emerged. Before the introduction of online essay writing services, companies used to have ‘paper reservoirs’ which offered professionally written essays to students at a fee. The companies would interact with the customers on a face-to-face basis. In the early 2000s, many essay writing companies turned to e-commerce business models. The internet allowed these companies to create websites where they would advertise their business and offer different essay services to willing students.

Examples of the Early Essay Writing Services is an example of an essay writing company that has been in existence since 2004. The company has thus been in operation for over 15 years. The company focuses on availing the best services, and is thus in a continuous process of improving service delivery. Another notable company is intelwriters. Founded in 2008, the company has offered high-quality papers to students for over a decade now. The company’s experience in writing essays for students means that they are able to offer excellent papers for their clients.

While there have been cases in which students receive poorly written essays, most companies usually offer high-quality services. Presently, the number of essay writing companies has increased exponentially. Throughout the years, various essay writing companies have been advertising their services via different social media platforms, thereby amassing many students. While it is difficult to know the exact number of essay writing companies, it is evident that it has soared since the first company started offering its services online.


The essay writing services have always been criticized as being morally questionable and the companies being accused of committing academic fraud. However, the question of morality in academic writing services is debatable. Some online essay writing companies defend their services by citing that their services only serve as models or guidelines for students to do their own work. Others require students to sign disclaimers that the essays they purchase from them are for guidelines only. In an example, in 2002, Elizabeth Hall Associates, a writing services company situated in the UK required all their student clients to sign such disclaimers.

While some individuals perceive essay writing services as utterly unethical, others perceive them as being totally moral. For example, some companies claim that their essay writing services are for proofreading. Essay writing services relieve students the extreme pressures the academic institutions put on them to attain success. These services come in handy particularly for students who lack the required writing skills, time, or the motivation to develop an excellent paper. The services offer the students a model of what they are required to come up with. From then on, the students can create papers of their own and this improves their chances of success. Although there exist some legal and moral questions regarding the existence and operation of these essay writing companies, it is apparent that essay writing is here to stay.

Making a Career in the Beauty Industry

When it comes to unique industries, few have the variety or enduring nature of the beauty industry. Throughout history, personal fashion and design have been distinct and are often shaped by the religion, culture, and arts of the region and era. That hasn’t really changed in modern times, though beauty culture has evolved in response to modern technology. There are many ways a person can break into a career in the beauty industry including the traditional school or apprenticeship approach as well as using social media sites like Instagram to launch a business or just have a highly visible portfolio.

Makeup Artist

No matter what part of the country you live in, makeup artists are in demand. From TV and movie production to photography and special occasion makeup, there is always work for someone with the skills to bring out the beauty in their client. With a permanent makeup training course under your belt, you can find work at spas, salons, and other esthetic facilities. If you love using makeup to make people feel excited about how they look, then this may be a great career for you.

Beauty Blogger

One of the newest professions in the beauty industry is the beauty blogger. Writing about beauty has been around for a long time, but blogging has taken it to a whole new level. The rise of social media has allowed those with a talent for makeup to really strut their stuff. New trends can be explored and posted quickly and people are able to consume an artist’s content in an instant. Tutorials and sponsorships are a high priority for these communities.

Beauty blogging is a great way to get your name and brand out there and show off the skills you’ve worked so hard to acquire. But if you prefer a more traditional position, there is always work for a talented makeup artist wherever they decide to go.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

I get asked this question a lot, and I think there’s a lot of misconception about what laser hair removal feels like. So let me help you understand exactly what to expect from your appointments and put your mind at ease.

First of all, laser done properly by a professional esthetician should not hurt at all. You’ll feel some discomfort, which will vary depending on the area you are treating, as the laser works. In fact, it is my job to make sure you are as comfortable as possible, and I customize everything about your treatments to your specific needs to ensure you have a great experience.

It’s starts with educating you on what to expect and how to prepare.

Preparing For Your Appointment

Let’s begin with your part. Before your laser hair removal treatment, there are several things you can actually do to make your appointment more comfortable:

  • Limit sun exposure – You should not do your laser treatment if you have even the slightest sunburn. Not only can it cause discoloration to get laser hair removal on sunburned skin, but it can also cause painful blistering.
  • Mention any medications you’re on to your esthetician – Some medications can make you more prone to burning or blistering. It is essential to let your esthetician know if you are on any medications so that your treatment can be adjusted if necessary.
  • For women, check your calendar – hormones can make your skin more sensitive. Men don’t need to worry about the timing of their treatments, but women should avoid making laser hair removal appointments around their cycle.

During Your Appointment

Now for my end. The safety and comfort of my clients is my highest priority, and I take every measure to ensure a positive experience for them. If you’re based in Murray Hill or anywhere in Manhattan, here’s what you can expect at Laser By Monica:

  1. Communicate – Honestly, the first thing I’m going to do is discuss your needs. This is the most essential part of the treatments I offer. I encourage all of my clients to communicate to me any concerns or apprehension before we get started, and to let me know during treatments how they feel. My clients have only ever reported feeling comfortable and relaxed during sessions.
  2. Apply a numbing cream – I can apply a special numbing cream to help relieve any potential discomfort associated with your treatment.
  3. Keep equipment maintained – Outdated equipment is simply not acceptable, and it really upsets me when I hear of faulty lasers used in my industry. I keep all of my studio and all of my equipment in peak condition to ensure your comfort and safety, as well as the best results possible.


Once you’ve had your treatment, no matter where you are at in your series of sessions, your job isn’t over. After any laser hair removal treatment, your skin will be more sensitive for a time, so you’ll want to avoid irritating your skin.

For the first 24-48 hours after your treatment:

  • Apply sunscreen – To avoid sunspots, premature aging, fine lines, and wrinkles, you should always wear sunscreen, but it is especially vital after laser hair removal. The photosensitivity of your skin increases after a laser hair removal treatment. So slather that high SPF sunscreen on and keep your skin protected.
  • Avoid touching the area – While you may want to feel your newly-smooth skin, it’s best to avoid touching your skin immediately after laser hair removal treatments. Not only are your pores open, but your skin may be sensitive to the touch.
  • Avoid sweating – This might be the one time exercise is not a good idea. I’d recommend skipping the gym. Sweating can irritate your skin right after laser hair removal.

Between Appointments

What you do between laser hair removal treatments makes a difference in not only the effectiveness of your treatments but the level of discomfort you may feel during your next session. Between your appointments:

  •  Stay hydrated – This is another good habit for all of us to be in anyway, but once again, after laser treatments it can improve your skin as well as reduce discomfort at your next session.
  • Exfoliate – Dead skin can cause redness on lasered areas. Keep your skin squeaky clean, and gently exfoliated between sessions.
  • Avoid heat – Sources of heat can also exacerbate any potential discomfort between sessions. You’ll want to avoid those super hot showers, heating pads, and postpone the day spa sauna trip for about 24 to 48 hours after treatments.

In the scheme of hair removal treatments, laser hair removal is actually one of more comfortable methods. You really don’t need to be concerned or nervous about whether laser hair removal is painful. If you have any other concerns about your upcoming laser treatments, or just need to talk it over with an expert, please feel free to schedule a consultation with me.  

Three Steps to Your Liquor License

A business establishment that wants to sell and serve alcoholic drinks must obtain a liquor license. The laws and subsequent steps that dictate this vital document may vary from state to state. For example, in order to obtain a alcohol license Dallas TX, one must go through the permitting process, which, when followed carefully and thoroughly, may reduce the time to obtain a liquor license in Dallas from six months to 60 days. Be sure to check the rules specific to your region.

On or Off?

The first step is to know what type of liquor license you will need. An on-license refers to a business such as a bar or brewery, in which alcohol will be both served and consumed within its walls. An off-license is for a liquor store, where customers purchase their drinks in bottled form and take them elsewhere to drink.

Getting Specific

Assuming you are pursuing an on-license, you now must decide if your situation requires more specific approvals, depending on the specific type of establishment you intend to open. If opening a restaurant, you will need a restaurant license, which may impose limits on how much of your profit may come from the sale of alcoholic beverages. If you do not intend to offer hard liquor, a beer and wine license could be for you. A tavern license is for businesses whose primary earnings depend on the sale of alcohol.

Money, Money, Money

License fees vary depending on the state you are opening a business in but normally range from $300 to $14,000. Be prepared to pay these fees as soon as your application is approved.

Need to Know

Along with your own personal information, you will need to provide proof-of-business items, such as a certificate of incorporation; partnership agreements; food menu; and health, building, and zoning permits.

Being prepared with all of the necessary information and funds can help your liquor license application process move as smoothly as possible. This should give you the best chance to open your business on time and as planned.

Silicon Wafer Shipments Register a Decline

While the semiconductor market remained strong across the world in 2019, shipments didn’t match the record levels of the previous year. In fact, silicon wafer suppliers reported high inventories of eight-inch wafers early in the fourth quarter as shipments and orders continued to slow.

The Reason Behind The Decline

Analysts attribute the decline to on-again, off-again threats of tariffs by the United States and China – which spends more on importing semiconductor chips than on foreign oil — as well as product manufacturers looking to prop up their balance sheets by relying on existing inventories where possible. The eight-inch wafers are commonly used in automotive electronics and household consumer products, making production and sales data a barometer for general economic conditions.

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International, a global industry organization, reported in November 2019 that third-quarter shipments slipped 1.7 percent from the previous period to 2.932 billion square inches. That was almost 10 percent lower than the third quarter of 2018 and consistent with projections cited by a trade publication in Taiwan. The dip was mitigated to some extent by an uptick by silicon wafer suppliers in shipments of 12-inch wafers, more commonly used for handsets and memory chips.

What This Means Looking Forward

Reduced recent consumption could drive down costs In Western nations if production isn’t scaled back, a possibility because the market is so fractured and competitive. That could be good news for consumers in the market for anything from memory sticks to big-ticket home appliances.

The wildcard by most accounts will be China, which has multiple silicon wafer suppliers scheduled to come online in 2020 in that country’s never-ending bid to catch up to the United States in manufacturing. The challenge the Chinese face is that their research and development program has struggled to gain ground on the rest of the world, where chip computing power doubles every other year and has meant having to import more than 80 percent of the necessary semiconductors.

No one really knows what the future holds for China and the semiconductor market, but it is safe to say that the world will be watching, especially those who love tech gadgets, to see what happens in 2020. 

3 Environmental Remediation Services for Your Property

The presence of toxic waste in your property is dangerous. It can destroy the area, endanger the health of anyone nearby and raise public and legal concerns around you and the territory. It is important to hire environmental remediation professionals who can safely and expertly remove these materials. Depending on the situation, they can use different services to complete the project efficiently. 

Sediment and Debris Removal

The build-up of dirt, clay, sand and other debris at the bottom of a water body, also known as sediment, can have serious consequences. This type of pollution can disrupt the sea life, contaminate a population’s drinking water and reduce water depth, among other drawbacks. A remediation contractor can use high-end equipment and environmentally conscious techniques to restore the water body’s state, either though dredging or hydro raking. 


When soil in your property becomes contaminated, the poison can spread throughout the rest of the area via the wind or through groundwater. In a technique known as capping, remediation services boston ma install a layer on top of the toxic area, preventing it from contacting wildlife, water or other spread agents. There are many cap options at your disposal. 

  • Soil with vegetation 
  • Asphalt or concrete
  • Drainage (sand and gravel)
  • Clay
  • Geomembrane

The cap material, size and thickness depend on multiple factors, including the size of the area, the rainfall rate and others. Sometimes, you might end up needing multiple layers made of different materials. 

Wetland Restoration

If your business or property has wetlands, you know it is important to protect and restore them when they have gone through pollution or erosion. While the unique combination of wildlife, vegetation and thousand-year soils found in wetlands cannot be completely returned, restoration specialists can use fisheries, flood control and erosion prevention to revive most of the habitat. 

As a property owner, you need to protect your investment from any dangers, including hazardous waste. Consider researching these methods and others to restore your territory for years to come.