Smart Guide to Sort Children Novels Worth the Age


1. Board books

Board books or novels with these hard sheets, usually

suitable for children aged 0-3 years.

This novel usually contains illustrations that are simple, interesting, and have large dimensions. The reading in this novel is also limited, because it is indeed compiled for toddlers and babies so that they can play while reading.

The thick material is made for those who are still happy to throw, tear, and bite the novel so it is not easily damaged.

Not only thick, the dimensions of board books are designed so that they fit in the hands of toddlers and babies. The story and sketch are also very simple so it’s easy to master and convey in easy to understand language. Therefore, this novel is suitable for children such as toddlers and babies.

Toddlers aged 2-3 years generally have begun to understand the photos contained in the novel. Moreover, he has been able to ‘read’ himself and say fragments of words from the photo.

2. Picture novels

Picture novels generally range from up to 32 parks with patterned illustrations and draw each sheet. Generally, the authors also enter paragraphs in the form of 1-3 sentences in the corner of the park. Picture novels rely on dominant visuals with related readings and illustrations. This type is suitable for children aged 3-8 years.

3. Novel stories with pictures

In contrast to illustrated novels, story novels with photos focus more on how children can capture stories through longer reading, generally the authors use more than 900 words to deliver the intentions of the novel.

Not only more words, children can pursue vocabulary alterations and story lines that grow more. Therefore, parents can sort this novel for children who have entered playgroup or kindergarten.

The guide sorts the novels according to the age of the child

Children face growth sessions that are different at each age. This matter makes parents obliged to be careful, anything that can support the development of the child. Well, one of them by distributing him texts from an early age. Of course, novels for children 5 years old would be different from novels for babies. Then, what should be observed when parents sort out novels for children?

Age 0- 12 months

The selection of a novel with a large picture and puna has a very contrasting pattern. This matter attracts the little one to see it.

Novel selection with short reading, let alone just one or 2 words. At this age, new toddlers try to understand various forms, listed in letters.

12 years old

Novel selection that contains the personality of a cartoon or fauna. At this age, the child is about to start paying attention to the details of the observed photos.

Story novel selection that has a simple flow. Although the reading in it has been quite long, the little one wants to easily absorb the data when you read the story to him.

Not only sorting novels that are right for children, you are also required to invite them to read the novel every day. For example, reading his favorite story novel before bed. With this routine, your child’s cognitive skills will grow well.