How to buy books cheaper than usual


Books are one of the important needs that must be fulfilled. By reading books, someone’s knowledge will increase. Reading books is important, whether it’s for young professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives, or anyone who wants to improve their knowledge.

In this paper I will share ways that you can buy books cheaper. I often use these methods. As a result, I managed to save money and buy more books.

How to buy a book cheaper than usual? Here’s the full discussion.

1. Buy a Digital Version of the Book

Usually, the selling price of the ebook is cheaper than the price of the book in physical form. This happens because the cost of producing ebooks is much cheaper than physical books. One of the sites that we can use for shopping for ebooks is The ebook available at Gramediana came from self publishers and publishers at the Kompas Gramedia Group.

Some of my books have been sold in digital form at One of them is your first 1 Million Rupiah book from Facebook. The price of this book is 37,800. However, the digital version of this book is valued at 29 thousand Rupiah.

Besides being more economical, buying an ebook is also more practical. We don’t have to go to the bookstore. Plus, we also don’t need to worry about whether or not there is a stock of books.

Apart from Gramediana, you can also buy ebooks on other sites such as Amazon and Scoop.

2. Use the Gramedia Membership Card

For those of you who often shop at Gramedia, it would be very good if you have a Gramedia membership card. By using this membership card, you can shop for books at a 10% discount. But this 10% discount is only valid if you buy a book published by the Kompas Gramedia Group publisher.

To have a membership card, you can simply register at the Gramedia Bookstore where you usually shop. As I recall, the cost of making this membership card is 50 thousand Rupiah. After you have the card, you can shop with the 10% discount.

3. Visit the Book Sale

The third way to buy a book at a cheaper price is to visit a book sale. Periodically, Gramedia often holds book sales. In this sale, we can buy quality books at very cheap prices. For example, I once bought a photography book for 10 thousand Rupiah. Though the original price of this book is more than 100,000 Rupiah.

The sale of this book is often held Gramedia on campuses, shopping centers, or at Gramedia stores. If you are lucky, you will easily find a book sale held by Gramedia. With 100 thousand Rupiah, you can buy 5 to 7 books.

So far, the books that I often encounter at the sale of Gramedia books include computer books, management books, self-development books, novels, and children’s books.

4. Buy from the Publisher

The 4th way to be able to buy books cheaper is to buy books directly from the publisher. For you writers at Kompas Gramedia Group, you can buy your own book at a discount of 20-30%.

Not only that, online stores also usually buy books from publishers. And, the online store must have received a discount from the publisher. Discounts given range from 20-30%. It’s just that, if you buy directly from the publisher, usually you will be charged shipping costs.

For me, I often use the two and three ways to buy books at a cheaper price. Well, friends, that’s the way to buy books cheaper. It is time for us to make reading activities a part of our daily lives. Hopefully with the methods above, we become more diligent in consuming books.