5 collection of reference English novels for learning offline


Feeling stagnant because you always want to open social media, because it coincides with learning English with Internet media? Or do you prefer to read novels and practice them directly when learning English rather than searching for referrals from the Internet? Don’t have enough time to take English classes in the near future? It could be that these reference books can help you learn English offline without worrying about being stuck in playing social media applications. No need to worry too, the following reference books using Indonesian are like the introductory language. Here is the review!

  1. Practical Guide to English Grammar

This novel is designed and written in the language of instruction in Indonesian and mangulas about all the various reviews of grammar from Parts of Speech, Conditional Sentences to Exclamation.

Anyway, all basic grammar and may be what makes you a little hesitant in learning it, it is here. In this novel there are also examples of words and sentences, how and when to use the grammar. In it there are also irregular verbs tables and examples of idioms in English. So, besides you learn English grammar, you also create a lot of new vocabulary in English in it. The price of this novel is around Rp. 30 thousand.

  1. Dictionary: English-Indonesian (Updated Edition)

Written by John Meter. Echols and Hassan Shadily and published by the publisher of PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Jakarta, this novel is an English dictionary to Indonesia and is a dictionary that is not just a dictionary. Why? Because this dictionary provides a thesaurus of words that can be what you are looking for. Thesaurus? Yes, the thesaurus has a thesaurus in which this dictionary has an explanation of the meaning of the word and the equation of words (synonyms) of one word in English.

For example, if you want to find the meaning and meaning of the word book, in this dictionary, the word book should be referred to as a novel and ask for an explanation, and give an example of how and when to use it. Not only that, the word will be given the same word (synonym) words and type of format, whether they are verbs, items, characters or explanations. The novel’s price range is IDR 150,000 to IDR 200,000.

  1. English – Convinced of Self-Speaking English (Smart Tip to Overcome Stuttering Speaking)

Combining English skills in chat and writing, the novel written by Paul Halim is suitable for those of you who want to deepen both of these English skills. Published by the publisher Puspa Swara, at the beginning of the novel, you want to give a variety of slang words and English trivia which generally occur in the most important English language conversations at American English.

Readers are invited to practice various slang words and idioms and when to use the words and sentences. In this novel you are also invited to repeat the lessons and text that you have at the end of the chapter. Not only can you practice the conversation orally, you are also invited to write the words or sentences correctly in the chat.

Many examples of chat with various themes from life every day to universal topics that are often talked about by people. In it there are also photo illustrations that reduce boredom in learning English itself. The novel’s price range is IDR 25,000.

  1. English Idiom Dictionary (For Students, Students, and Universal)

The novel compiled by Wahyu Untara and published by the publisher KAWAHMedia is a special type of dictionary said Idiom and Slang. The word Idiom is a language expression in the form of a combination of words whose meaning is united and cannot be interpreted by eating the factors that shape it and the word which is an informal word in English.

The dictionary of this idiom is quite complete and you can look for idioms or slang words that you don’t know because you just looked at them early. This novel is also very effective for those of you who want to talk in English using a combination of words that have one meaning like the words you usually use. For example, the word go, which generally you only know that the meaning of the word is a departure, but make the word idiom go yourself a lot, for example go Dutch (departing for rahura) or go down (shrinking in quality). The price of this novel is sold in the price range of Rp. 25 thousand to Rp. 35 thousand.

  1. Good for User TOEFL (Better Than The Others) by Team Tentor

In accordance with the title of the book, this novel is pretty good for those of you who want to practice grammar, read and hear in English. Compiled by Team Tentor and published by Kendi Mas Media, novels containing grammar descriptions and toefl test exercises are very suitable for you who may want to still practice toefl.

In this novel there are descriptions of grammar and practice, examples of reading texts for reading skills in toefl and training sections for listening skills. Unfortunately, this novel does not share CD facilities for training in the skills to observe it. So, when you want to practice listening skills, you can ask for encouragement from your friends to read the reading and you respond to the practice. In the early part of the novel, the TOEFL and the test that the participants were going to attend were also presented, and the tricks on how to work toefl.

The novel also shares methods for calculating TOEFL test scores which may be for some people a subject they have not yet recognized because they are only exploring the test. This novel is sold at a price range of Rp. 35 thousand to Rp. 40 thousand.

Well, that was a suggestion for a reference novel for those of you who want to study English from the author. The author only shares suggestions, may be accompanied may not, however, the author was greatly helped by the reference books above in learning English. In essence, you are the ones who hold control in learning English both online and offline